Lawn Care

Professional Lawn Care

6-Step Fertilization Program Our six-step fertilization program is designed to result in a healthy, thick lawn that has a rich, deep color.

STEP 1: The first application includes high-quality fertilizer, as well as crabgrass and broadleaf weed control in order to produce a sturdy green-up without the bothersome weeds.

STEP 2-5: The proceeding four applications include a healthy dose of fertilizer with more broadleaf control to continue the initial success of the primary application.

STEP 6: The final lawn care treatment of the season is a winterizer, designed to protect your lawn from snow mold and other diseases, as well as produce early spring green-up.

Custom Programs Available

Not every lawn requires the same applications, which is why we offer customized lawn care programs. We will specially design a program according to the type of soil, grass and weather conditions in your specific area. Call the lawn care experts at Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping today for a FREE consultation on our customized programs!

Weed Control

Are you tired of spot treating weeds that seem to just sprout up in a different area every other week? Allow the lawn care specialists at Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping to introduce effective and lasting weed control to your lawn. With our help, you can have a lawn that radiates perfection, no longer having to hunt and peck for pesky weeds.

Aeration & Seeding

Our lawn care experts recommend aerating your lawn at least once a year for better results this season and next. We have specialized machines that will remove plugs of turf in order to allow air, water and nutrients to have better access to the grass roots. We also recommend spreading high-quality seed throughout your lawn to promote thickness and durability. LEARN MORE ABOUT AERATION

Lime & Potassium Applications

If your soil is lacking the basic nutrients it needs to provide a healthy foundation for your lawn, you need the lawn care experts at Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping. We offer lime and potassium applications to ensure your soil’s pH level is perfect so your lawn and landscape can thrive all season long.

Fungus Control

Improper watering habits, snow mold and other factors can cause fungus to erupt in your lawn. However, with the help of the lawn care professionals at Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping, you have nothing to worry about! We have the ultimate fungal control applications to keep your lawn safe from damage or destruction.

pH Soil Testing

Testing your soil each year is imperative to growing a successful lawn. If the soil is experiencing a nutritional deficiency, your lawn may suffer as a direct result. Our lawn care authorities will take a sample of your soil for an expert analysis. Once the results are in, we will consult with you on the best way to correct the pH level and get your lawn back on track.