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Lawn Insect & Perimeter Pest Control

Good pest management is an all-season process. If, at any time through the year, you suspect these or other pests, or if you had a problem last year, prevention could be the key. Let the lawn care specialists at Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping save your turf and your wallet from these destructive insects.

Lawn & Tree Surface Insect Control

When surface insects are posing a threat to your landscape, you need the lawn care professionals of Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping. You’ve dedicated a lot of time and money to perfecting your lawn and landscape, so we’ll make sure all that effort wasn’t in vain by utilizing our superior and effective surface insect control treatments. Our insect control applications will keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the season. As lawn care specialists, we highly recommend preventative applications. However, if insects have already invaded your lawn, we will quickly assess the problem and prescribe an effective lawn care regimen to get your turf back to optimal health.



More than a just nuisance, mosquitoes can carry a variety of potentially deadly diseases, including the West Nile Virus. Mosquitoes are most active during the height of the summer months. Our mosquito treatment will protect your home and family from the native mosquito species found throughout Illinois. Our fast and effective treatment will allow you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space again. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Mosquitoes can breed in any standing body of water, including swamps, marshes, and even puddles.



Spiders are synonymous with fear. Whether indoors or outdoors, there are a variety spiders that can infiltrate your home or yard ranging from harmless to deadly. At Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping, we use the latest WHAT TO LOOK FOR: The most obvious sign that spiders have invaded your property is their webs. Spiders can live almost anywhere outside, including your shed and shed. However, not all spiders are web weavers. Some live on the ground or in trees.



Disease carrying ticks can pose a threat to your entire family. Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, among other ailments are a severe health risk. With Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping our experts will help you take back your yard so that you can enjoy the outdoors without the threat of disease. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Ticks normally wait at the top of long grass to find their next prey. When an animal or human walks by they latch on and normally attach to the back of the knees, armpits, neck, and other crevices of the body.



In many ways, ants are beneficial to your outdoor space. They are reliable scavengers that prey on other pests. However, when they begin to invade your home, they can become a nuance, creating an eyesore and getting into your food. At Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping we offer specialized treatment for your these invasive pests. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: If you notice even a single ant chances there are more hidden throughout your home.



Similar to ticks, fleas thrive off the blood of other animals, including humans. Homeowners with pets should be particularly careful of fleas in their home. Fleas are not only disgusting, but have also been known to carry diseases such as the bubonic plague. Protect your family, and call Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping today to rid your home of fleas. WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Fleas can be seen with the naked eye and appear as reddish dots.  

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