Tree & Shrub Programs

Trees and shrubs are all very different and require customized care programs that are devised by professional lawn care specialists. One of our technicians will sit down with you to discuss the needs of your ornamentals, in addition to your expectations. We will thoroughly explain each step in our process and what you can expect of these applications.

Tree & Shrub Care Program

In addition to our exceptional lawn care programs, Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping offers an eight-step tree and shrub care program to ensure thorough care for your entire landscape. Using the very best fertilizers in the industry, as well as specially designed insect and disease control applications, our lawn care professionals will ensure your ornamentals are early to bloom and their beautiful foliage will remain free of disease and insect problems.


Fertilization is vital to producing a landscape adorned with charming ornamentals. Our lawn care technicians will always use the best fertilization applications to give your trees and shrubs an early start to the season and to ensure their foliage stays on the branches until the very end of the season.

Insect & Disease Control

Insects and disease are often the reasons for unhealthy or dying ornamentals. Our lawn care technicians are trained to spot any indications of insect activity or disease infestation and will quickly treat the affected trees or shrubs.

Excessive Heat & Drought Tree Care

Are your trees and shrubs showing stress-related problems due to the excessive heat and drought of the past few years?

  • Foliage, buds, bark, and roots drying out?
  • Slower plant growth?
  • Drooping or rolling leaves?
  • Yellowing and dropping of leaves too early?
  • Browning of leaf edges and veins?

If you’re seeing any of these signs, call Golf Green Lawn Care & Landscaping for a FREE evaluation. We will analyze your trees and shrubs then recommend a fertilization program such as deep root feeding or injections that will provide the proper nutrients to help defend against disease and insects and will stimulate plant growth. With the right fertilization, most trees and shrubs will survive.

Fire Blight Epidemic

We are noticing some pear trees in the area are infected with Fire Blight, a bacterium (Erwinia amylovora), which is a common and frequently destructive disease. The bacteria are most common on open blossoms during the spring, and will cause tree leaves to die and look as if they are blackened, giving the tree a scorched appearance. The bacteria will also spread into the wood surrounding overwintered cankers on twigs, branches, or trunks of host trees.

Golf Green starts injecting susceptible trees with an antibiotic in March and April. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME OF THE YEAR THEY CAN BE TREATED. If you are interested in a FREE estimate, please contact us.

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetles

The Japanese beetle is a metallic-green beetle that’s about half an inch long with bronze wing covers. It eats the leaves and fruit of hundreds of different plants, preferring those with tender leaves, such as linden trees.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Look for leaves that have been eaten.