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Fertilizing Tips

Why is Fertilizing Important?

Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Important

  1. Fertilizing supplies nutrients needed during the high demands of the growing season.
  2. A vigorous and healthy lawn resists weeds.
  3. Proper nutrition protects your grass from pest infestations and helps it recover should one occur.
  4. A thriving lawn is more resilient to traffic.
  5. Proper pH is maintained in your soil.
  6. Nitrogen is supplied for leaf and shoot growth and a deep green color.
  7. Phosphorous is provided for establishing seedlings and root growth.
  8. Potassium is given for greater tolerance to hot and cold weather and against wear.
  9. An application of fertilizer in the fall prepares your lawn for winter and speeds its recovery in the spring.
  10. Fertilizing establishes new lawns and maintains established lawns.

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